Frequently Asked Questions about Moving in Colorado Springs, CO


Why shouldn't I just hire the cheapest moving company I can find?

The cheapest company you can find is most likely unlicensed and uninsured. When you look for the cheapest moving company, you take the risk of damaging or losing your possessions in a move or in a vehicular accident. Budget Movers is fully insured and licensed with the state of Colorado.

Why not just rent a truck and do it ourselves?

Besides risking injuring yourself from the heavy physical stress of moving, most furniture damage occurs from not loading the moving truck correctly. Budget Movers personnel are trained, experienced professional with a reputable history of customer satisfaction and successful moving. Don't risk injury or damage! Don't burden yourself with the stress of moving!

Helpful hints for moving

If you're getting ready for a move, here are some helpful hints to make your experience smoother:
  • All boxes closed and taped
  • Empty dresser drawers
  • Clear furniture of all items
  • Unplug wires
  • Have clear walking pathways
  • Keep pets and children off site or out of the way if possible